the cause of the laptop is damaged quickly

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the cause of the laptop is damaged quickly

As the development of technology as it is today, the existence of laptops has become a common item owned by everyone. Especially in the world of education and business, its growth is very massive. Of course the price of a laptop itself is not cheap, ranging from millions to tens of millions. With the price of a laptop that is quite draining the contents of the wallet, you definitely want your laptop to stay durable.
Basically, the durability or durability of an electronic device does not always depend on the brand or laptop brand. The main factor that will make the laptop that you use will be durable or even easily damaged depending on your treatment. If you treat your laptop well and take care of it, of course it will last and be used for a long time. Conversely, if you do not take care of a used laptop, it is undeniable that the laptop will become damaged quickly.
Unfortunately, at this time many computer users do not know how to treat computers properly. In other words, many computer or laptop users do not know how to properly care for a laptop. In addition, there are also many users who have taken care of the laptop, unfortunately there are often errors in caring for the laptop.
Mistakes Caring for Laptops Frequently Done
If you want your laptop to last long, then you should avoid the habit that will damage the laptop. You actually have to take care of the laptop that is used, one of which ensures that the treatment you provide is really good for health and avoid mistakes in caring for your laptop. Because, often times users make mistakes in taking care of a laptop which will actually make it more easily damaged.

1. Closing the Laptop Screen in the Lighted State

Because in a hurry or maybe lazy to wait for a long shut down process, some Laptop users immediately close the Laptop screen while still on. If you do this, it will put the laptop into sleep. If this condition occurs very often, it can have a negative impact in the future.
Laptop conditions that sleep will force the hard disk to stop working, while components such as RAM are still continuing to do the activity. That is, the Laptop RAM will work continuously and will reduce its age slowly. If you do not already use the laptop, it would be better if shutdown then closed the screen.
Another solution is where you can set the Laptop to not sleep even though the Laptop Screen is closed. To do this, please open Control Panel, then go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options. After that, on the left panel please click Choose what closing the lid does.
Furthermore, in the When I close the lid section please change Sleep to Do nothing so that the Laptop does not Sleep when the screen is closed. You can also set the Laptop to shutdown when the screen is closed by changing it to Shut Down. After that, please click Save changes to save the changes.

2. Connecting the Laptop Directly to Electricity Without a Battery

Mistake caring for a second laptop and is very often done by laptop users, especially gamers is connecting the laptop directly to electricity without using batteries. The reason that is often used is that the Laptop battery is not easily damaged if used continuously. But it turns out this is wrong, and it will cause more fatal damage.
If you connect the laptop to electricity without using a battery, the battery will indeed last even be as good as new because it is always stored. However, there are actually more dangerous problems that you should be aware of that have the potential to damage your laptop. Conditions where you connect the Laptop to an electric current will make the Laptop receive an unstable electric current. Because the electric current from the unstable charger directly flows to the motherboard, it will make the motherboard quickly damaged. In the end, the laptop that you have automatically cannot be used anymore. One more thing that should not be missed, if the electricity suddenly goes out then the laptop will automatically turn off and all your unsaved work can be lost.

3. Laptop Charger When the Battery Will Run Out (10% -7%)

You need to know that there are 3 types of laptop batteries, namely Nickel based (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium based (Lithium-ion). For NiCd and NiMH batteries, there is a "memory effect" character, that this type of battery can remember how much charging was done during the last charging process. If at 58% capacity the battery is fully charged (meaning 42% has been charged), then when the laptop is used again the battery will remember cotton
the remaining 42%.
So charging the battery should be at 10-7% that applies to these 2 types of batteries, even better if it's really low. But this does not apply to Lithium-ion type batteries and almost all laptops now use this type of battery. To find out the type of battery in a laptop, you can see it in the information book when buying a laptop.

Once again, that Lithium-ion battery has a different character from NiCd and NiMH batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can store more power and are more environmentally friendly. This type of battery is also allowed to charge the battery when it's not 10%, even using a laptop while charging is also no problem. Because this does not interfere with the function of the battery or damage the battery. Note on the Lithium-ion battery type do not wait for the laptop charger to 0% power or completely run out, and do not leave the laptop in the 0% power condition for too long.

Those are some misperceptions in caring for a laptop that you should not do. If you want your laptop to be used for a long time, then you can do tips on caring for a good and correct laptop. What is clear, one of the determinants of laptop resilience is cleanliness and avoiding collisions and overheating.
if our laptop is healthy, we can do many things such as creating an email, creating a blog, and registering adsense.

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