Latest 70 inch Smart TV from REDMI

Latest 70 inch REDMISmart TV from 

Latest 70 inch Smart TV from REDMI

Hello Gengs! Back again with the author of this great universe!
The hand of the technology enthusiasts! I'll bring you information about the latest 70 inch Smart TV from REDMI.

Redmi CEO Lu Weibing introduced this Smart TV together with the launch of the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro, an opportunity that Lu Weibing did at an event in Beijing, China. This Smart Tv was introduced with the name "Redmi TV". The specifications of Redmi TV are:

Has a screen size of 70 inc
With 4K resolution
Redmi Tv is also pinned to the Sixth Generation Amlogic System On Chipe (SoC)
And has 2GB of RAM

Redmi TV is equipped with internal storage with a size of 16 Gb, for the size of a Smart TV and even a smartphone with a size of 16 Gb is still too small, remembering to store Video & Photos with high quality, requires more storage.

This Redmi TV comes with 2.4G / 5G dual-band WiFi connectivity, almost the same as Smart TV from Xiaomi, not to mention that Redmi TV is also equipped with an AI PatchWall UI where users can later download Apps from Google Playstore.

Still Doubt to buy this Redmi TV? Additional information, launching from Kompas Tekno, Redmi TV is also equipped with Xiaomi's smart assistant, namely XiaoAI, seeing from his design Redmi TV looks elegant with a thin bezel on the four sides.

The proposal with the price set by Redmi for this Smart TV? According to information obtained, Redmi sells its Redmi TV at a price of 3,799 Yuan or an exchange rate of 7.5 million, this Redmi TV order can already be done through Pre Order in China, for marketing to Indonesia, further information is unknown.

For additional information, at the end of 2018 yesterday, Xiaomi also did the release of a 32 inc Smart TV with a very low price, which is only Rp. 2 million rupiah.

Now, about 70 inch Smart TV from Redmi, what can we do? Most likely anyway, the same as other Smart TVs, not only can enjoy TV broadcasts, we also do other activities, such as

-  Playing games

- Open a Website / Surf the Virtual World

- Enjoy each of our Favorite Content Creator News on Youtube

- Replacement Computer Monitor Screen

- Record Favorite Shows

And there are many more activities that we can do, one of the advantages that I like most about this Smart TV is being able to replace the small computer monitor screen, so that we can enjoy every work or entertainment playing our games, on a very large screen, compared to the screen monitor on a computer generally, where the standard size.

What do you think? What do you like most about Smart TV, just pray that Redmi Tv will soon be able to enter Indonesia, so that we can enjoy together the intelligence of a TV that who knows can make us smart . Hehehhe!

How interested to buy it? Before buying a Redmi TV it's good, you read the specifications above, which I have written. Okay that's all my article about the latest 70 inch Smart TV from REDMI, Assault! Hopefully useful!