How to see MAC Address on smartphones and PC

How to see MAC Address on smartphones and PC

Good afternoon, gang ... How are you ? On this occasion I want to discuss about How to see MAC Address on smartphones and PC
A MAC address is a unique identification given to the network interface to communicate with other parts of the physical network.
Mac Address may seem like just a row of numbers and numbers that are not so important for some people. But for some other MAC Address is very important. Because every device has a different Mac Address, whether it's a cellphone or a computer.

As simple as when registering the device for @, surely what will be recorded on the @ server is its MAC Address. So that only the device can connect to the WiFi network. Then why do you need to know? For some people must have a different reason.

Did users know that Mac Address can also be duplicated in various ways. That is why you are forbidden to tell the public not to be abused by people who intend evil.
And to prevent these bad things from happening you need to know how to find out the Mac address on smartphones and computers
The following procedures on How to Know Mac Address on Android.

How to see MAC addresses on Android

users do not need to use third-party applications to see the Mac Address on Android because basically all smartphone OSes already have a feature called "About Phone" this feature will display all information about the user's mobile phone in full. Starting from the MAC Address, IMEI, IP Address, Signal and others.

Currently I use for testing is the old school brand Xiaomi with the type Redmi 4A. For other cellphones, the method is more or less the same.
The trick is.

  •  Open your mobile. Enter "Settings" and tap on the "About Phone" menu

How to see MAC Address on smartphones and PC

  • then touch the Status menu

  • Now scroll down and you will definitely see the Mac Address of the handphone as shown in the picture (next | below}.
  • If the MAC address does not appear, you can try to turn on WiFi first and then repeat the method mentioned above once again.

How to Know Mac Address on a PC

This method can be applied on all Windows OS because here the tutorial will be done on CMD and luckily the function is the same on all Windows OS so there is nothing to confuse.

  • Press the Windows key + R on and then type CMD then press ENTER.
How to see MAC Address on smartphones and PC

  • Then in the Command Propmt window, please user type ipconfig / all again and press ENTER.

  • Scroll down and find the words Physical Address. That is your MAC Address Computer.
How to see MAC Address on smartphones and PC

  • Users will not need a long time to do the above, and if the MAC address does not appear, please restart the computer and connect to the WiFi network, then repeat the steps above again.

Although there are other ways to find out the Mac Address, but in my opinion the above tutorial is the easiest, because it does not require third-party software / applications that must be installed. And one more thing you need to know, that this Mac Address cannot be detected online, or in other words cannot be detected by the website.

Meanwhile, if the user asks, why is that? Even though when you use @ for example, the MAC address will automatically be detected. That is because the router is integrated directly with the web server.

So the point is MAC Address cannot be obtained by any website, but it is very easy to get if you connect to a WiFi network including Hotspot when doing thetering among Android phones though.

Hopefully useful and good luck
Send regards for success.