The trick is registering a new Gmail account

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Google Mail is an email feature that is owned by Google. A Google Mail account can be owned by anyone. Until this time every android phone user inevitably has to have a Google Mail account to combine services on that cell phone.
Google Mail accounts are able to connect with other Google services such as Google Drive, Google Chrome, Play store, Youtube, and many more. and no less important is this Google Mail account that we can use to register blogs, adsense and other important things
When Google mail was first published, the progress was limited to allowing users to invite their friends to use Google Mail accounts.
The reason this happens is that Google Mail can maintain its solid ranking and also curb growth. The limited invitation system officially ended on the 14th of February 2007. After that Google Mail became one of the most widely used email services.
Unlike its competitors, Google Mail does not put promotions in messages or add anything to your messages. Existing ads generated by computers, not deliberately inserted by the Google Mail team. Until there isn't any promotion if you open Google Mail from your mobile.
If you feel you don't know how to create a new Google account then you can read the tutorial how to create a new Google account below.
But before you know how to create a new Google account, please read the article about what benefits you get by using this Google Mail account.
The advantages of using a Google Mail account
1. Spam Filter
Indeed most e-mail services provide filtering like this, and spam filtering that Google has is very efficient. Google Mail tries to filter for dangerous things such as viruses, spam and phishing ads, but not 100 percent efficient filtering.
2. Merge with Google Hangouts
The main Google Mail screen shows Hangouts contacts on the left side of the screen, so you can find out who the contacts on your email are using Hangouts. Hangouts is a messaging application that has the advantage of being able to do with many people.
3. Offline access
you can access Google Mail offline on your PC even if you are not connected to the internet. The trick is to add the Google Chrome offline chrome extension in your web browser.
After listening to the usefulness of your Gmail account, below is how to create a new Google account:
How to create a new Google account on a PC
1. Enter address in your web browser.
2. Click create an account, a column will appear.
3. Or you can directly enter the address and complete your profile correctly.
Personal data that needs to be completed includes first name, last name, username, and password.
4. In the fields after the name, you will be required to create a username, you can choose your own username.
5. If it turns out there is written User names have been used. Choose another. There are several possibilities for this problem to occur, among other things:
The username you created has already been used by someone else
The username you created is too exact with the existing username, for example, if already exists, you cannot use
-Your username is the same as the username someone else has used, even though it's been deleted
-Not allowed by Google to prevent spam and abuse
If you see something like this you can work on this by adding additional numbers or can try a different username.
6. Select next and complete all available fields with valid data. Then you are asked to enter your birthday and also your gender. In addition to the data above such as mobile numbers and account recovery are optional.
7. Select the next step, the requirements box will appear, click on I Agree.
8. You have finished creating a Google account and you already have a Google Mail account now.

Tutorial on creating a new Google account on Android cellphones and other OS
The tutorial to create a new Google account on mobile is basically the same as how to create a new Google account on a PC.
1. Look for the settings menu on your cellphone.
2. Scroll down Select the account menu.
3. Select Create Account.
4. Search Google.
5. The Sign in and Create New Account options will appear.
6. Select Create a New Account.
7. Please fill in your first name and last name.
8. Select the Next.
9. Then fill in your date of birth, year of birth and gender.
10. Select next.
11. Create a name as your {your | your | User Name.
12. Select next.
13. If it turns out it appears the words "That username is taken". "Try the Other" That's a sign that the username you chose is already used by someone else.
14. You can work on this by adding additional numbers.
15. Select next.
16. Then is to determine your password. At least 8 characters, may use characters

lowercase letters, uppercase letters, a combination of letters and numbers, and also other unique characters. Do not miss. adjust the filling of the top column with the bottom.
17. Select next.
18. The next step is not to be filled in. If you are interested in filling it out, then select next. if not, you select skip.
19. The "Privacy and Conditions" column will appear.
20. Select "I Agree".
21. After that, confirmation will appear for the user name and password.
22. Select Next.
13. Next there are payment options. You can Skip by selecting "No Thanks", then select Next. The application will then process. Next you will receive a notification stating that you have successfully created a new Google Mail account.
14. By having an email account in Google Mail, it will be easier for you to access other Google features, for example YouTube, and the Google Play Store. Therefore, make an email account in Google Mail in the manner described above earlier.

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