The Easy Way to Collect emails spread on Facebook!

The Easy Way to Collect emails spread on Facebook!

Previously we already acquainted and learned about how to register at mailchimp!
Now we will learn how to collect emails easily on Facebook!
Now, let's use formal language to relax!
Before continuing, what if we find an understanding of what email is.

Definition of email:
E-mail or electronic mail in the Indonesian language called e-mail, is a service for sending letters through the internet, with the presence of this service greatly facilitates the various needs of sending digital data and other important needs!

Well, can email also be for promotion ?! Really can! The method is actually quite easy!
You can follow the steps below:

The first thing you have to do is, prepare a few things below:
Where on the site above, you will execute the retrieval of e-mails scattered on Facebook.
If everything has been opened, you can follow the steps below:
  • Login to Facebook
  • Then in the search field, and look for authorship groups, why authorship groups ?!
  • Because there are usually many people sharing free ebooks by sending via email, for example you can see below:

Facebook is the right media for promotion
After meeting with the authorship group that is crowded with residents, you can start searching,
by using the group search column, as shown below:

Facebook is the right media for promotion
You can search for the keyword "email" after that press enter, then you will be given the results of the search, you can open one-on-one comments from posts that contain the word email, until you really find the comments containing all emails like the picture below :

To get all the emails, you can select "see previous comments" until all comments appear! After that, block all comments by pressing CTRL + A
As shown below:

Then you copy, by pressing CTRL + C and enter the site I wrote above, to retrieve emails.
The page views of the site are like this:

After entering the email extractor site, all you have to do is paste the results from Facebook into the "input window" column then select "extract". If you have extracted it, you will immediately get the email you want in the "output window" column as shown below :

Easy isn't it ?! Then you just copy and paste the email you get into notepad, for later you save! Why does it have to be notepad ?! Because we will use it for our blog promos via the bulk mail service from Mailchimp,

To get more email results, you can do the same way!

Now after you get the email, you can immediately enter the email you got into the mailchimp, here are the steps!
  • Save the email that you got earlier
  • Enter the mailchimp
  • Then select Audience, as shown in the image below

After that the page will appear as shown below:

then you can select "import your contact" after that the page will appear as shown below:

For convenience, you can select "Copy / Paste from file" after that you can directly select "continue to setup" then you will see a page like the image below:

On this page you can directly select the notepad file that you have saved before!
After uploading the file, all you have to do is click on the next step and succeed as shown below:

The tutorial arrived here first, later we will discuss again how to use this application to promoin our blog okay ?!
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See you and stay motivated.