Increase Blog visitors, via Mailchimp on Android

Increase Blogvisitors, via Mailchimp on Android

Good morning spirit and good luck!

After yesterday we learned about how to "Create a Google Account" "To Create aMailchimp account" and "Grab emails from Facebook", now it's time for us to execute what we already have!
That is a lot of email data! ha ha ha

How to?! Follow the steps below!
First install Mailchimp application in PlayStore, then provide snacks accompanied by steeping natural tea leaves so it is rather cool and reflex.
If you have followed the next tutorial below

1. Open Mailchimp that was downloaded earlier.

Increase Blog visitors, via Mailchimp on Android

2. When it's open. The initial appearance will be as below: You can login from here

Increase Blog visitors, via Mailchimp on Android

3. After logging in successfully, you can see the display below:

That page is the dashboard of your Mailchimp!
To continue, you can choose "campign" as shown in the image below :

To begin, you can select "+" to add / create Campign
You will be taken to the Campign template selection that you want to make, as shown in the image below:

Choose according to your needs, after you choose to proceed you can select "select" then you will see the display below:

In this section you can edit and change all your template template components, from the start - logos, photos, text and web links, select "Preview And Edit" so you can edit!
After that you will enter the editor menu of your campign, as shown in the image below:

You can replace all the components above, by selecting one of them and
Then choose edit! Like the example in the picture below:

Next we will enter a link that will go to our website, at the bottom there is a "button" / blue button,
You can choose the blue button and edit it!
For example like in the picture below:

After it's finished, we can select "Save & Close"
Okay, let's say this campign has been completed! All you have to do is prepare the shipment, steps as below:

Here is an explanation of the columns that you must fill in above:

  • Enter Tittle: This column can be filled with the title of your campign
  • Chose an Audience: This column you can fill in with the recipients you have prepared
  • Enter a subject: You can fill in this field with the email subject
  • Enter Preview text: This column will display a welcome message to the recipient
  • From Name: This field is filled in automatically, according to the registered name
  • From Email Address: This field is filled in automatically, according to the registered email
After everything is filled in correctly, then all you have to do is send by pressing the Send button!
And just waiting for visitors to your webstie / blog!

Actually this method is used by olshop developers to send product offers, you will often get emails from the marketplace, be it product offers or other information.

Now following in the footsteps of the developers, we also have to be brave!
Dare to provide the best for our visitors.

My advice when you use this method, try to have your website / blog completely filled, be it a general article or tutorial, because that can be your promo material through this mail bulk service.

Okay, that's all this article from me, more or less I'm sorry!
Because all the pure mistakes happened because of me, then please forgive ...
Don't forget to share this article, hopefully useful!
Good luck and keep up the good work !!!