Get acquainted with Mailchimp! Advanced Bulk Email Service!

Get acquainted with Mailchimp! Advanced Bulk Email Service!

Hello good evening, come back with me here, amateur writer who wants to share his experiences!
Now we are going to discuss about bulk email service!

What is bulk email ?!
Bulk email service is: a service that allows you to send one email to many recipients, how many recipients are there ?! Can be thousands!

This is really handsome for our blog launch promo or product promotion, hahaha!
Oh yeah! Why the heck do I introduce mailchimp to you, don't bulk other email services ?!
The answer is well because I like to have the same bulk email service! Don't protest!

What can you do from bulk email ?!
  • The first can be a promotion
  • The second can be for promotion
  • The third can be a promotion
  • The fourth one, the same for promotion too
  • Don't ask the fifth, the problem is the same as the answer, which is bolt up your blog traffic!
How do you register? Follow the steps from me who have experienced this!
# First take a snack first to be delicious

After that you can open the official website from the mailchimp at: In order to register on the site, you must have an email first. just cook for an email account can't. If you can't, here I already prepared an article about "How to Create a GMail Account". you can read and read there.

Once you have the e-mail, you are now ready to list the mailchimp site. The first appearance will be like the picture below ...!

If you want to continue with the steps, you can choose "Sign UP Free" later if you have chosen, the image will appear below ...

Now in that column, you can enter the necessary data! After that, if you choose
"Get Started" will later appear like the image below:

That means more or less like this
"I've sent a message to your email, there is a link for activating your account, hurry up and push it!"
If it's like that, you just have to log in to the email you registered, and click the activation link!
The email is like the one drawn below.

To continue, registration, all you have to do is click on the words "Activate Account" after you click, you will be asked, what are you human! If you human, you can choose "I am not a robot", but if you are a robot, sorry, I can't go ahead!
If you already select "I am not robot" a display will appear like the image below:

Mailchimp.Bulk A super-sophisticated, must-have email service
You were told to choose, the box with the bus. Remember ... the picture inside the box, not the one outside the box hhh. If all the boxes have been selected, just click "verify" after that the image below will appear.

The picture above is the choice that you are going to choose, you want to pay for what is free, for the trial, it's better to use the free one first, select the free box, then click "complete" then the display will appear below,

To continue, you can fill in your first name in "first name" and your last name in "last name"
If already filled in select "countinue" after that the page will appear like the image below:

In this section, you will be asked to fill in the name of your business, according to you
The same content is also your website, isn't it really a function for promoining your blog website? After that, you can choose the "countinue", after that, you're going to tell you to fill in the full address of your house, fill it in properly!
If it's already filled in, you will see the page like this!

In this section, because you don't have people's emails to enter, you just select "No" first, then I'll tell you how to find the correct email, on Google! like where ???

The tutorial arrived here, later in the next tutorial!
Don't miss the latest updates, because in the next tutorial I will discuss about "How to collect lots of emails on Facebook".
See you and stay motivated.